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Joint Replacement Surgery Can Help All Age Groups

The NSH provide high demand technology; like computer navigation, intraoperative 3D imaging and intraoperative MRI for bone and joint surgeries in order to improve safe outcome of orthopedic surgery for all of our patients. 

The Joint Replacement Centre’s basic principle of care is “responsibility for motion.” To fulfill this mission, we provide a vast area of highly evidence based treatment plans in combination with engineering-like approaches to precision and safety.

Treatments we offer:

Arthritis and other joints problems are not reserved for the elderly. Traumatic sports injuries and osteoarthritis cause pain and movement difficulties for athletes and others who are physically active. 

Our Joint Replacement Center offers leading-edge solutions to individuals with hip, knee and shoulder complications and can help patients reclaim their active lifestyles. 

Our program offers access to break-through treatment and advances in technology to patients requiring joint replacement. Utilizing the vast array of resources available, the Joint Replacement Center offers:

Rehabilitation Therapy

At The Neuro Spinal Hospital, we provide personalized treatment and a full continuum of care for each patient. Surgeons work closely with a multidisciplinary team to design a treatment plan specifically for you. 

This team includes patient education prior to your joint replacement surgery along with physical therapy and occupational therapy following surgery to assist with activities of daily living while you recover, whether it be from knee surgery, hip surgery, shoulder surgery or elbow surgery.

Meet Our Orthopedic Experts

Dr. Uwe Dahn

Dr. Uwe Dahn

Dr. Antony Michael

Dr. Antony Michael