Neuro Spinal Hospital

Our Mission

To provide excellence and leadership in tertiary, Neurological, Neurosurgical, Spinal, Orthopedic and Neuro rehabilitation healthcare, utilizing expertise and state-of-the-art technology within a compassionate and collaborative environment.

Our Vision

To be the premier neurosciences, spine and orthopedics healthcare provider in the region, with a dedication to promote and share knowledge for the benefit of the community.

Our Values

  • Dignity: To treat patients and their families with integrity and dignity in a holistic and humane manner.
  • Equity: To facilitate seamless healthcare, providing prompt, efficient, and informative services.
  • Quality: To implement quality improvement techniques in all areas across the hospital.
  • Safety: To embrace safety and health in everything we do.
  • Collaboration: To demonstrate receptiveness to new ideas and approaches by collaborating with other healthcare agencies, both local and international, to ensure a continuum of care.
  • Engagement: To provide opportunities for employees’ professional growth and development, thereby making the hospital the employer of choice.